April 6, 2016

What Are You Doing April 20th, 2016?

April 6, 2016
origins of 420 how did 420 start

origins of 420 how did 420 startIt’s getting to be that time of year again. 4/20 is right around the corner, and people are starting to make their celebration plans. I’m in that boat myself. I have a group of friends that are looking to celebrate like everyone else, and it seems like the consensus is we are going to be doing something in Portland. What exactly, is yet to be determined.

I posed the question on social media, and will continue to do so leading up to April 20th. If you are going to a particular event, or if there is a ‘must attend’ event in your area, feel free to send me some info. I’ll try to get it added to the list that will in an article on April 20th.

4/20 is on a Wednesday this year, which always puts a damper on things for people that have to work. But there are a lot of great evening events and other things going on the weekend prior to 4/20. I’ll try to include some of those.

Maybe you aren’t going anywhere, because there’s no place like home. That’s a perfectly acceptable answer too! Feel free to post what you are up to in the comments. Who knows, someone else might be in your area with nothing to do and you might make a new friend!


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