Where Do I Go For The Global Cannabis March?


This Saturday, May the 4th (or "Star Wars Day") advocates for ending adult marijuana prohibition will march in hundreds of cities worldwide.  The Global Cannabis March (or "Million Marijuana March", "Cannabis Liberation Day", "J Day", etc.) was founded by Cures Not Wars' Dana Beal in 1999 in New York City.

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A fantastic wiki has been set up to coordinate all the cities that will be participating.  Find yours by visiting http://rad-r.us/MJMarch - the link takes you to the United States' listings, but you can scroll up and down for the worldwide listings.  Most marches have their own Facebook page as well, which you can find on the wiki as well.

I strongly encourage all readers to attend their march if possible.  There is nothing more galvanizing as an activist than to stand toe-to-toe with like-minded citizens and visibly protest for an end to prohibition.  Bring signs and friends and your love of the First Amendment (in America and your right to protest in your country).  Now that Colorado and Washington have opened the door, we need to blow it wide open for all cannabis consumers.

It was eight years ago that I attended my first Global Cannabis March in Portland.  That march changed my life as I was introduced to other local activists and opportunities I could never have found behind a computer screen.

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Visit http://rad-r.us/MJMarch now and make your plans to stand up for your rights tomorrow.