Company Creates World's First Electronic Marijuana Joint, Kind Of

electronic marijuana joint


I have read all day on social media about a company claiming to have created the first electronic joint in the world. E-Njoint BV has created an electronic device capable of burning marijuana liquids and flower. While this is no doubt a great device, it's not the first of it's kind. There are numerous vape pens on the market that are capable of doing the same thing.

Not all vape pen companies market their product as specifically being for marijuana. However, there are many that do, and almost all of them can use either liquid or flower or both. This is a crafty marketing strategy by the company, and I tip my hat to them for that.

A couple of things that I like about this particular device is that it is cone shaped. The company that created it is from Amsterdam, and most of the joints in Amsterdam are cone shaped. Whenever I see a cone joint, I refer to it as being 'Dutch style.' A Dutch style vape pen is pretty cool. The other thing I like about this device is that it appears to have a marijuana leaf on the light. Many American companies avoid the marijuana leaf for various reasons. I'd prefer this device to others because it has the leaf, assuming all other things are equal as far as functionality and quality.

Again, this is not the first product of it's kind. Although, I'm willing to concede it's the first product of its kind to be marketed as an electronic joint, as opposed to an electronic cigarette. If I ever get my hands on one, I'll make sure to do a review article letting readers know if it's legit, or if it is lame.