July 28, 2015

See CannaGuard Security At The Cannabis Creative Conference This Week

July 28, 2015
cannaguard security marijuana oregon

cannaguard security marijuana oregonJust about every marijuana based business needs some type of security. Businesses like dispensaries and warehouses need a lot of security. In Oregon, where entrepreneurs are scrambling to open storefronts and industrial gardens, there is a very large need for security. Not only is there a need for obvious security measures such as video cameras and sophisticated door locks, but there is also a huge need for cash transport and armed security guards.

Unfortunately for most of the marijuana industry, banks will not open accounts for cannabis businesses. In the rare cases that they do open an account, once it is determined that the business deals with cannabis, the account will likely be terminated. That means that the marijuana industry, in Oregon and other states, is virtually an entirely cash-based industry. Criminals know that, and as long as marijuana carries a high monetary value and there’s a lot of cash around, criminals will try to take it.

If you are in the industry and aren’t satisfied with your security company (usually due to astronomical fees that are only applied to cannabis businesses), you should check out CannaGuard Security. Of course, if you are just in the planning or launching phase of your cannabis business, you should definitely check them out when comparing companies. From what I have heard, they have much more affordable rates compared to other companies, and only use the highest end equipment.

CannaGuard Security is one of the main sponsors for an event that is occurring in Portland, Oregon tomorrow and Thursday. The Cannabis Creative Conference will take place at the Portland Expo Center. CannaGuard Security’s Founder and CEO Noah Stokes will be speaking at the event, in addition to CannaGuard having an exhibitor booth at the event. Below is more about Noah, via the event’s website:

A native Oregonian with years of experience in the security and technology industry, Noah Stokes believes that with the proper utilization of technology and intelligent design you can make a MJ facility one that people will avoid, rather than attack. Founder of CannaGuard Security, the Nation’s Premier Cannabis Security Company located in Portland, Noah saw a great need for a company to come into the security space and use technology to help protect people, rather than solely being used against them by sophisticated criminals. His mission is to help the cannabusinesses in Oregon be as successful as they can be and thrive. CannaGuard’s mission, in line with that, is to provide the most secure, robust and easy to use systems to clients, without needing to charge the inflated rates the Cannabis industry is used to.

You can find out more about the Cannabis Creative Conference from their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. It’s my understanding that if you enter the discount code CG50 when registering, you get $50 off. The event is much more affordable than other industry events, which is something that I love to see. If you are serious about the marijuana industry, you should attend. Whether you have been in the industry for years, or are exploring the industry to see if it’s a good fit for you, you should get your tickets quickly before the sell out.

You can find out more about CannaGuard Security via their website, can ‘like’ them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. You can also watch the video below:


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