May 11, 2016

What Topics Will Be Covered At The Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit?

May 11, 2016
kris krane green flower media

kris krane green flower mediaEarlier this week I posted an article about the upcoming Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit. The online event is taking place on May 21-22, and is being put on by Green Flower Media. I am a huge fan of Green Flower Media and I look forward to everything that they put together because it’s always polished, professional, and full of educational info. Green Flower Media is behind the #ComingOutGreen campaign, which has been an outstanding success.

The Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit is a must see whether you are just thinking about getting into the industry, or if you are an industry veteran, or anywhere in between. There are a bunch of topics that are going to be covered by world class speakers via 22-minute presentations. All of it is going to be live streamed over the internet for free. Yes, as with Green Flower Media’s previous (and very successful!) Virtual Cannabis Health Summit event, the Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit is completely free and can be viewed from the privacy of one’s home. Topics covered include (and more are being added up to the event I believe):

  • “The Future of Cannabis”
  • “5 Crucial Investment Lessons From One Of The Most Prolific Cannabis Investors In The World.”
  • “What are the real licensing opportunities in emerging cannabis markets?”
  • “Designing your perfect pitch – Hitting notes cannabis investors need to hear.”
  • “How to protect yourself and cannabis from the inevitable entry of big pharma and big agriculture.”
  • “How to find your unique niche in the cannabis industry.”
  • “How to build a cannabis products company the right way.”
  • “How to open up more and better distribution channels for your cannabis products.”
  • “How to avoid the most costly legal mistakes that happen every day in cannabis business.”
  • “Why it’s the right time for entrepreneurs and executives to enter the cannabis industry now.”
  • “The technology and software you need to run a highly efficient and compliant cannabis business.”
  • “The data about what cannabis consumers are actually buying at dispensaries.”
  • “Better, faster, easier ways to operate a fully compliant cannabis company.”
  • “Follow the money: The 12 sectors of the cannabis industry where investment dollars are going.”
  • “Business lessons learned from one of the world’s largest cannabis cultivators.”
  • “The wide-open business opportunities in Hemp.”
  • “Budtenders: 7 things they should know about patient care but often don’t.”
  • “Online marketing strategies to grow your cannabis business and build your brand.”

As you can see, there’s something for everyone at this event. Or, if you are like me, you want to know more about all of those topics. It’s on the weekend too, which is fantastic. All you have to do to get access to the event is sign up, which you can do at this link here. Tell everyone you know that you think would benefit from the info!


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