September 1, 2015

You Must Book Your Discounted OMMBC Hotel Room Tonight By Midnight

September 1, 2015
oregon medical marijuana business conference ommbc

oregon medical marijuana business conference ommbcI have been to a lot of events over the years on behalf of The Weed Blog. It’s one of the first things I offer up to people as an example of just how blessed I have been since I co-founded this blog in 2010. One thing that I always try to do if possible is to book a room at the place where the event is being held at. Sure, you can travel to and from the venue and stay off site. But there is nothing like staying where the event is taking place so that you can offload all of the free stuff you seem to always accumulate at cannabis events, plus its nice to hop on an elevator and be in your own private room for a break or a nap during the event.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) is coming to the Portland Hilton on September 12-13, and the hotel is offering discounted rooms until midnight tonight for event participants. The Portland Hilton is a beautiful place to stay, so if you are planning on attending the event, you can reserve your room at this link here.

The event is going to have world class speakers, including Judge Jim Gray and United States Representative Earl Blumenauer. Debby Goldsberry and Dale Sky Jones will be in attendence from California, and a whole host of Oregon activist leaders will be speaking at the event. I went to the OMMBC in Eugene, and it was outstanding. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot about Oregon’s industry.

With recreational sales on the horizon in just one month from today, Oregon is a very, very exciting place to be. Oregon’s marijuana industry is set to become a national leader and you should be doing what you can to get in on the action. Whether you are new to the marijuana industry, or you are an experienced veteran, you should consider attending the OMMBC to network and get educated on all things Oregon cannabis industry related. You can purchase tickets to the event at this link here.


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