Babes And Buds, What Else Does A Guy Need?


Thanks to the internet, one doesn’t need a whole lot to start something awesome. If you don’t have a Facebook or e-mail account let me give you a reason to get one.


Like the song goes “I like women and I love getting high”, so whenever there’s an opportunity to promote beautiful women and pot — I will. There’s much to be said about marijuana and sexism but I’ll lean towards the side of personal empowerment, so let me introduce you to Autumn Hudson and her latest project “Buds and Babe”.

Just in time for Christmas, “Buds and Babes” is a collaboration of 13Montana models and 2 dispensaries to help produce one of the sexiest marijuana calendars.

Autumn, a Montana based photographer/tattoo artist/dispensary volunteer/painter has been working on “Buds and Babes” for several months. On her Facebook page she would post the latest and greatest of her photo shoots, so for several months I’ve been lucky enough to ogle at beautiful women and pot. Now the project is complete and you can be the penis envy of every stoner out there.

TWB: I really enjoyed all the pics you’ve posted, what can you tell me about the models?

autumn hudson 1

Autumn: Thank you. I had 13 models, Rosa, Lacee, Nisha, Natasha, Sky, Kylea, Friday, Chelsea, Beth, Alex, Mindy, Cali, and Kirsten are just a few. They are all acquaintances or friends of mine, all with different experience of modeling from dancers, to no experience, to high fashion models.

TWB: Who helped with the sponsorship?

Autumn: MTKush and MTBuds of Montana are the two main sponsors.

TWB: Where did you do the shoots at?

Autumn: All of the herb and ladies are local. MTKush and MTBuds allowed me to use their warehouses for the photography shoot. MTBuds also funded me so I could afford camera batteries, backgrounds, makeup and hair accessories.

TWB: How have you been promoting the calendar since you started?

Autumn: Types of promotion? Justus Night Life, Schmitties, and other local stores. Facebook, plus all the lovely local babes featured in it help out too

TWB: Where can one get the calendars?

Autumn: Calendars are on sale at Smokin Smitties, Mellow Moods, Erotique, and Cactus Record in Bozeman, Mt. A few local glass shops and some caregivers will carry them as well. Also, if a person wants a calendar and they are not local I am willing to ship orders as well. I have 5 calendars being shipped to Santiago, Chile, South America, as well as 2 more to London, and one in New York so far.

TWB: Do you have a website?

Autumn: I don't have a website yet but I believe (Writer’s Note: When you go to the page this will be displayed “This page is no longer available due to Montana Senate Bill 423” but they do have a blog) is the MTBuds website.

TWB: How much for the calendars?

Autumn: 20 dollars each, unless you order 5 or more than they’re 12 each plus shipping and handling fees. Mellow Moods smoke shop in Bozeman, Mt will be selling them and they accept credit cards. Unfortunately I don’t have any means of accepting funds but e-mail me at autsicks89 at or call 406 579 6776 and maybe something can be worked out.

autumn hudson 2

I asked Autumn about the Mtkush website message "Oh that's right. They didn't pass the Montana senate bill 423. We're back in business but he wants to keep it a little more low.

So everything is still legal. Some laws have changed but that just means the dispensaries open have picked up more customers since so many caregivers were scared when they were voting on bill 423. Montana will re-vote in July I believe. A ton of growers shut down and have moved away because of it but we stuck around and hoped for the best - it worked. So that's probably why the website is down. The dispensaries I work for have been cross breading strains. They've created our number one seller of "Snow". "

"Babes and Bud" what else does a guy need, except maybe add some guns and fast cars. Autumn thanks for the time and energy spent on this beautiful calendar, you get my next 20 bucks - now I just gotta figure where to hang it.

autumn hudson 3
autumn hudson 25
autumn hudson 26