August 2, 2017

Arcane Revelry: An Elevated Dining Experience in Portland, Oregon

August 2, 2017
arcane revelry

Perhaps you have been to a pop-up dinner series before…but not like this one!  Arcane Revelry is a one-of-a-kind. elevated dining experience that made it’s debut in Portland, OR by launching an exclusive cannabis pop-up summer dinner series. These exciting events bring together community members, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers that all share a love of cannabis culture and high-spirited social engagement.  The events combine unique private venues, deliciously healthy crafted meals, cannabis industry sponsors, amazing people, and new friends.

Crystal Feldman’s background is in brand talent management and event production, and she is now one of the partners for Arcane Revelry.   Feldman explained, “The purpose of this event series is to normalize the cannabis industry for the sake of our children’s future. We have a responsibility to the public as well to set a good example.”

Arcane Revelry will be back for it’s last exclusive Cannabis Summer Pop-Up in Portland, Oregon until 2018. The event will take place August 12, 2017-on a private farm around a harvest moon, with an organic, 4-course elegant farm to table dinner prepared by gourmet Chef Chris Bailey, and sexy down tempo beats to bring in the sunset. There will be a curated selection of health and wellness products from local artisans, a farmers market style showcase of Portland’s best non-cannabis wellnes products.

arcane revelry
Photo Credit: Ashley Dellinger Photography

Chef Chris Bailey is not only an accomplished gourmet Chef, but also one of the partners in Arcane Revelry.  Bailey said of the event, “We are striving for events that unite cannabis, culture and cuisine over thoughtful conversation with sophistication, not gimmickry.  Events centered on legalized consumption will only dispel stigmas around cannabis. In this prickly political climate we are meant to take sides, but cannabis in our country isn’t as black and white as certain officials paint it to be.”

The Weed Blog was very grateful to attend the last Arcane Revelry event earlier this summer.  From our own RedHat Ralph, here is a first-hand account of the evening….

As is my custom, I arrive a few minutes before the stated start time.  After I check in with security, change my shoes from walking boots to house slippers, and take my hair out of its customary ponytail, I take in the table settings and vendor setups.  This entire room is spectacular with art covered walls, 100 place settings arranged on many long tables, a long bar with cannabis and non-cannabis vendors ready to offer samples and discuss their businesses with one and all.  This is an evening to raise money and awareness for The Innocence Project, a non-profit whose aim is to provide legal aid to folks who may have been wrongfully convicted and need assistance proving that those convictions were miscarriages of justice.  We also meet to discuss other common goals and tonight we sign letters and send them to our state’s legislative officials telling them that we support laws allowing social consumption of cannabis in Oregon and support lawmakers who support such laws.  

Photo Credit: Ashley Dellinger Photography

Along with the absolutely great food prepared by the amazing Chef Chris Bailey (Pozole to the People, Dinner Lab), we had the pleasure of sampling products supplied by some wonderful Oregon vendors.  Sarah Jane Whitehouse, Ian Whiteman, and Tyler Payne from Holy Child Farms offered some wonderful Sun Blessed Cannabis (Lemon Skunk #1 and #4, and Jack Herer #5) in both bud and pre-roll configurations.  Since this is a private home, there are no issues with consenting adults lighting up a bowl of Oregon Cannabis and sharing it with a stranger who just became a consumption friend.  Next behind the sponsor’s bar are the High Desert Pure folks from Bend, including the Herb Nerd himself Kelly Hollis, discussing the science behind the extract products which they brought.  The bong/dab rig that he used to vaporize the dabbable product is completely wonderful (as was the dabbing oil, of course).  Their products are in a dozen of the dispensaries in the Portland area.  The next sponsors down the line were the folks from Terpenes & Testing Magazine, Hive (Medicated Honey), Coalition Brewing, Fire Brew, and Woolly Crafted Leather Goods.  The folks from Hive assure me that their THC medicated honey sticks will be returning to our dispensaries shelves soon (Yay!).  Coalition Brewing was pouring their CBD beer and Fire brew is offering samples of each of their spicy (non-cannabis) liquid concoctions as well as having full bottles available on the tables for those so inclined.  Jake and Jeff from Woolly had a table set up with samples of their exquisite laser leather products.

When asked why he wanted to help sponsor this social consumption event, Phil Boyle of Coalition Brewing discussed his desire to normalize hemp and beer.  “Many folks don’t realize how closely related hops and hemp are, and how they work together in our beer.  It is through events such as this where we can normalize our activities and our products.”  

Kelly Hollis (High Desert Pure) says that he loves these types of events.  “Everyone is happy at these social consumption events.  I enjoy presenting new products to an audience eager to see innovations in packaging and delivery systems.  You will always see our products change as new technology improves the delivery systems.”  When asked why he thinks events like this are important, he specifically pointed out the plight of renters in Portland who may live in a space where smoking (and/or vaping) is not allowed.  “For the many folks who rent and can’t smoke in their building, and for the many visitors to our town who need a safe venue to indulge in these activities that the state of Oregon has deemed legal for adults, social consumption laws need to provide solutions.”  

Sarah Jane (Holy Child Farms) believes that social consumption events are most important because they bring together folks from so many diverse businesses who may not consider learning from each other if it weren’t for events like this one.  “There is so much high energy innovation occurring in this industry that I believe it will drastically change many other businesses, most of them having little to nothing to do with cannabis.  It is these innovative ideas and people that will change the way industry does business and treats customers in the future.”  Her business sense comes from her artistic and philanthropic background and infuses her endeavors with the attitude that all of it should “lift folks up.”  These are the folks who are helping drive this movement; we are in good hands (with good heads).

The food, without any cannabis-infusion at all, was served in four courses, over two (+) hours, leaving plenty of time to socialize, pass a joint, discuss an upcoming project with a buddy you had just met, or just relax and be amazed at how life is just so wonderful.  The first course was a Toum-roasted sunchoke panzanella, Italian wheat loaf, Basan Farms watermelon radish, and raw tomatillo vinaigrette.  To me it was a tasty potato salad with an interesting crust and some radish leaves.  Very good!  That was followed with a Sake-cured beet poke, Valencia orange, macadamia nut, wakame.  I tried it and discovered that I still don’t like beets.  Course three was turmeric poached chicken thigh, forbidden rice, friend shallot and mint salad accompanied by a small boat containing Golden Milk Sauce.  YUMM!  Oh my!

When asked about future plans for Arcane Revelry, Chef Chris Bailey explained, “We will host events in Seattle and Los Angeles over the second half of 2017. We are committed to organic growth.”

If you would like more information about attending the next Arcane Revelry event, there is more information here.  We assure you it will be a dining experience you won’t forget!

Photo Credit: Ashley Dellinger Photography


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