October 10, 2016

Cannabis Documentary Series Puts the People First

October 10, 2016
marijuana reform, weediquette, end marijuana prohibition

If you haven’t checked out Weediquette on Viceland TV yet, now’s the time! The cannabis documentary series opens dialogue about ending marijuana prohibition. A conversation in full force around the country right now, especially with many states gearing up to vote on marijuana reform.

Weediquette makes huge steps in the proper representation of marijuana spanning from science and culture to its effects on the economy, both from a legalization and Drug War perspective.

The television documentary series passes on stoner stereotypes. Instead, it taps into the unheard voices of those benefiting and suffering from medical and recreational marijuana use.

By focusing on people behind marijuana – like children fighting cancer, veterans battling post-traumatic stress disorder and those incarcerated by minor marijuana offenses – the series shows the potential of marijuana and the consequences of the War on Drugs.

Host Krishna Andavolu hopes to change the perception of marijuana in American society. 

Andavolu receives help from Creative Director Spike Jonze. The television show is a fully developed continuation of Andavolu’s “Weediquette” video series on vice.com. The second season of Weediquette is current running. 

Weediquette is one of many shows joining the roster on Viceland TV, which launched in early 2016. Viceland TV is the newest addition to Vice Media, a media network primarly aimed at creating content for millennials.


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