September 21, 2021

Jetty Extracts Announces Launch of New 1G Solventless Vape Cartridges

September 21, 2021
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Jetty Extracts expands the vape category with the first affordable, high-quality 1g solventless vape cartridge.

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept 20, 2021 — Jetty Extracts, a California-born producer of high-quality cannabis oils, today announced the launch of their 1g Solventless Vape Cartridge, the cleanest and highest potency solventless vape on the market.

Jetty’s latest addition to their solventless portfolio, the 1g Solventless Cartridges will be available in approximately 100 dispensaries this September, with the rollout continuing to 50 more locations in October. Jetty’s proprietary solventless extraction methods remove impurities that cause flavor degradation. This step also boosts potency, making it the cleanest, highest potency solventless vape available at about 84%. The flavorful new 1g cartridge will debut in five unique strains, with more strains slated for later this year: Tropicana Cookies, Papaya, Garlic Cookies, Banana Creme and THC Bomb.

Jetty released its first .5g Solventless Vape cartridge in 2020, winning the award of Best Vape in the High Times Cannabis Cup Socal, and placing second in both the High Times Cannabis Cup Norcal and Emerald Cup. The new 1g cartridge will be affordably priced between $55 and $60. This new product will be launched along with a new line of solventless cold water hash-infused pre-rolls and live rosin concentrates.

“The cannabis vape market is approaching a major evolution with a focus on quality cartridges like Jetty’s Solventless Vape line,” said Nate Ferguson, co-founder, and head of production of Jetty Extracts. “As a long-time innovator in cannabis concentrates Jetty is well-poised to lead this exciting transition within the solventless vape category.”

The solventless product category is currently experiencing an upward trend among knowledgeable consumers and connoisseurs in particular. The solventless category has struggled with gaining traction in the past due to a lack of product consistency and a high price tag, marking Jetty’s affordable, consistent and highly-potent upcoming products as a welcome change within the industry.

About Jetty Extracts

Founded in 2013, Jetty Extracts is one of the true originals in the California cannabis market. Jetty began its operations in San Diego with a focus on craft and innovation while applying a strict adherence to compliance, fiscal responsibility, environmental concerns, and community commitment (with a little time for some surfing in between). Today, Jetty’s 65-plus employees work at the company’s 13,000 sq. ft. Oakland headquarters and San Diego sales and marketing office. The company continues to focus on its state-of-the-art production facility, utilizing the latest technology to create industry-leading extracts including a new line of SOLVENTLESS VAPE, UNREFINED Live Resin, and other products. Jetty also founded and operates The Shelter Project, a standalone non-profit that provides free cannabis to cancer patients.


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