Best Anti Marijuana Commercials Of All Time

Anti Drug Psa

Watching the super bowl today made me ponder all the differrent anti-marijuana and anti-drug commercials over time. Here, in no particular order, are the best marijuana commercials of all time (atleast that can be found on the internet and as determined by me).

Let's start off with a legend:

Another classic that makes me wanna smoke:

This one is just plain morbid:

This is also a great example of a great 80's stash:

The famous talking dog commercial:

Another dog commercial:

Family Guys take on the subject:

Time get get "twisted"

This one is way old school:

This one is anti alcohol but still a classic:

Here's a Chapelle's Show parody of marijuana psa's:

Another absolute classic:

This isn't an anti marijuana ad but NORML did such a great job, I'd include it: