Charlo Greene Speech From At The Dallas Marijuana March

charlo greene alaska marijuana

(via twitter)

Charlo Greene is a great ambassador for the cannabis reform movement. Charlo Greene made headlines when she famously quit in dramatic fashion on an Alaska news station that she was working with. You may know her as the 'F&#k it, I quit' lady if you only know her from the headlines, but she is so much more than that. She clearly has a strong passion for cannabis, and a lot of courage too. I don't know how many people would walk away from a successful television news career in the name of justice, but she sure did it.

Charlo Greene is one of the most talented female speakers and activists that we have in this movement, and she also is very active with organizations that promote diversity in the cannabis industry from my understanding. I haven't ever met her, but I definitely admire her work and look forward to what she does for this movement and in the growing cannabis industry. She recently spoke at the Dallas Marijuana March, and DFW NORML was awesome enough to capture it on video and posted it on YouTube (they always do awesome work!). See it below: