October 6, 2013

Cheryl Shuman And Bobby Black On Geraldo At Large Fox News

October 6, 2013
geraldo rivera marijuana

Last night I was hanging out at my wife’s parent’s house and something quite interesting happened. My in laws do not consume cannabis at all, and are a total product of the reefer madness generation. Naturally, they watch Fox News quite a bit, which is fairly hard for me to endure when I’m over there. However, last night as I’m playing legos with my nephew I hear the words ‘this is a marijuana vaporizer pen…’ Instantly I looked up to see that on the television was an episode of Geraldo at Large featuring friend of the blog Cheryl Shuman and another one of my heroes Bobby Black from High Times magazine.

I knew the show was coming up from some of the e-mails and tweets I had seen, but I had forgot about it probably due to the fact that I have been puffing off of my new vape pen all day. The show was about vape pens, which was ironic to say the least. It was awesome to watch the episode with my in laws, and especially watching my mother in law relate to Cheryl Shuman. My in laws were full of questions, which I was timid to answer at first for fear of what type of conversations it would create, but all in all it went very well. Below is footage from the episode. Go get ’em Cheryl!


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