May 3, 2014

Never Before Seen Footage Of Marijuana Legends Jack Herer And Ben Dronkers

May 3, 2014
jack herer hemp

Growing up, most people idolize musicians, actors/actresses, musicians, and other mainstream famous people. I was always a bit different. I idolized marijuana heroes. And there are few people that are bigger heroes to me, if any, than Jack Herer and Ben Dronkers. Below is a brief description and video of never before seen footage of Jack and Ben hanging out in the Netherlands, and make sure to check out Sensi Seeds’ website:

In 1990, Jack Herer travelled to the Netherlands to visit his good friend Ben Dronkers. Spontaneously, they decided to film the conversation, and this tape remained unpublished… until now.

In a series a short films, Sensi Seeds will finally share these moments with you. Be sure to share them too!

We hope you will enjoy this blast from the past.

The Sensi Seeds Team


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