May 9, 2010

Saturday Stoner Video 5/8/10

May 9, 2010

So here are Saturday’s video a day late. I’m a very busy marijuana smoker so this should not be a total surprise. Either way time to get stoned and check out some videos. I hope you all enjoy!

Jon Stewart takes a look at dispensaries in Colorado:

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I can remember this commercial like it was yesterday. Ninja Turtles were the shit!

This is a great take on a Charlie Daniels Classic.Here’s some stand-up from Greer Barnes:
Greer Barnes – Marijuana
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Here’s an interview with the New Jersey MS patient who is facing charges for growing marijuana in his backyard.

Here’s the video from the Cloumbia, MO Raid that turned up a couple grams of weed.

Here’s a funny random clip I came across on Youtube.


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