February 6, 2016

The Real Cannabis Culture (Video)

February 6, 2016
the real cannabis culture emerald cup

I have never been to the Emerald Cup before. I know, I know. It’s definitely something that I don’t have a good excuse for. I have always wanted to go and am very hopeful that I’ll make it to the next one. WeedMaps recently released a video recap of the last Emerald Cup. It’s a recap unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Most recaps just do a couple of interviews and show footage of people walking around and some panoramic views of booths. This video shows a ton of interviews, and focuses more on the culture that goes along with the event. I always love seeing people speak who are obviously full of passion for the cannabis plant. The video even includes a clip of the infamous George ‘Boston George’ Jung. Yes, that George! Below is the video, pack a bowl, kick back and enjoy it on this fine Saturday:


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