July 10, 2013

WeedMaps TV Releases 420th Video

July 10, 2013
weedmaps tv tang gil 420 episode

The number 420 is very significant in the marijuana world. So it is pretty awesome to announce and present the 420th video from WeedMaps TV. I have met Gil a handful of times at events, where he is usually very busy filming so we don’t get that much time to interact. But the other gentleman in the video, Tang, is someone I consider to be a good friend, even though he refuses to play me at Street Fighter 2. You can’t duck me forever dude! Below is the 420th video from WeedMaps TV:

“It’s taken awhile but the time has finally arrived. WeedMaps.tv is proud to announce it’s 420th video upload!
WeedMaps creator, Tang was happy to stop by and celebrate this momentous occasion with Gil at the strain showcase table. They toasted with globs of Bhomb Extracts and sick Toro rigs. It’s you viewers that have helped us get to this point so sit back and celebrate with us as Gil and Tang give you their perspective about where the weed scene has gone in the last few years and what to expect.”


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