October 30, 2015

What Is At Stake In The War On Marijuana?

October 30, 2015
brookings institution marijuana

The Brookings Institution has put out some literature lately dealing with marijuana, the most recent of which calls for removing barriers to marijuana research. This is something that activists have been wanting for decades, but the federal government has done everything it can to stifle progress. With organizations like the Brookings Institution calling for the removal of barriers to research, I think it’s symbolic of just how far reform has come.

The Brookings Institution released a video this week that deals with the war on marijuana, and highlights some of the issues it causes. In this video, Fellow of the Brookings Institution Dr. John Hudak PhD. explains the fall0ut that is occurring due to the war on marijuana, covering such areas as taxation and research. One part that I like about the video is that Dr. Hudak explains the two processes it would take to reschedule marijuana, either via the White House, or via Congress. As you will see in the video, an act of Congress would be much simpler in some way than Executive action, but that also would require getting a majority of hundreds of federal politicians to get off their butts, which is obviously harder in a lot of ways.

This video is timely because Bernie Sanders just announced that he plans to introduce a bill into Congress that would de-schedule marijuana entirely, effectively ending marijuana prohibition at the federal level. Below is the video, happy Friday to all, and enjoy!


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