Action Alert: Help Push Medical Marijuana Over The Finish Line In Pennsylvania


On Tuesday August 25th, the House of Representatives will go back into session. That means the 'medical cannabis task force' will be getting back to work. This task force, led by Reps. Dom Costa, Rep Jim Cox, MaryJo Daley, Sheryl Delozie, Ed Gainey, Ron Marisco, Joseph Petrarca, Mike Regan, Peter Schweyer, and Jesse Topper have been working on new medical cannabis legislation based off of Senate Bill 3 and the numerous hearings that the Health and Judiciary committees held earlier this year. Some say we could see a vote as early as September, but in the meantime, they need to hear from you!

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We need your help to ensure that whatever bill we do get passed is one that all of us can be proud of. To that end, Philly NORML is proud to unveil our new online campaign advocacy system, software written by Technology Director Derek Rosenzweig! Campaigns that we run will be visible at and will have 'take action' messages associated with them. Our hope is that it will help make an impact and make it easy for us to get the word out quickly among a number of avenues for cannabis reform whenever new developments arise. With your help, we will efficiently and consistently get the right messages to the elected officials who will make cannabis reform a reality, both in PA and on a Federal level.

Help Get Medical Cannabis Past the Finish Line

Our first campaign is aimed at ensuring a healthy and vibrant medical cannabis program, whether it's SB3 or the new bill being written by the 'task force'. Please visit and ask your Representative to support a broad program. More about the task force itself can be found at


On Thursday, September 3rd, we have our first monthly open meeting at the A-Space (4722 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143) at 7:30PM. Come on out to meet some of the crew.

On September 22nd, the Campaign for Compassion will be hosting a rally at the PA Capitol. You can RSVP for this at

- The Philly NORML Team

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