April 6, 2015

Alaska Trim 4 Vets Seeks To Help Veterans Access Medical Marijuana

April 6, 2015
alaska marijuana legalization

alaska marijuana legalizationMedical marijuana can help military veterans in many ways. A lot of veterans suffer aches and pains related to their service, and they deserve to use medical marijuana if they want to. Medical marijuana can also help with PTSD, which is something that many veterans deal with on a daily basis. It’s often hard for some veterans to acquire medical marijuana, especially in Alaska where a lot of veterans live in rural areas.

Alaska Trim 4 Vets started to help address that issue. Below is their mission statement, and I encourage all readers to check them out, and make a donation if you are able:

OUR MISSION: The mission of alaskatrim4vets is to help reduce the staggering number of Veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose. We provide Veterans with the knowledge and resources necessary for veterans to grow and or obtain medical marijuana for treatment of their medical conditions.

T4V will attempt to raise the publics awareness by requesting aid and support, ensuring that all disabled and injured Veterans receive the respect and dignity they deserve regardless of their choice to use marijuana for debilitating pain and or other disorders.

T4V WILL provide Veterans with unique products and services designed to assist in living with injuries sustained while protecting our freedom. alaskatrim4vets is a small, nonpartisan organization based in Alaska.

Why Medical Cannabis?

An ever increasing number of medical studies have shown that marijuana is a safe and effective treatment for pain, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) , and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Despite this fact, some people maintain the belief that marijuana is nothing more than a dangerous drug. However, numerous recent polls indicate that well over 80% of all Americans support the use of medical marijuana. Other polls indicate that more than 50% of Americans now support full legalization and almost the same number support banning tobacco products.

Regardless of their personal position on the use marijuana for medical purposes, there is virtually universal agreement that our Veterans deserve to have any and all treatment options available to them. Medical marijuana has allowed thousands of Veterans to either reduce, or completely discontinue the use of dangerous prescription medications as I have personally discovered.


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