January 23, 2016

Arizona: Medical Marijuana Activists Score A Big Victory By Getting Harmful Bill Withdrawn

January 23, 2016
arizona marijuana

arizona marijuanaYesterday I saw something really cool happen on social media. Early in the day I saw an action alert go out from Arizona in which it was requested that patients and supporters call State Representative Jay Lawrence (R-Fountain Hills) to tell him that HCR 2019 was harmful, and to withdraw it. Then later in the day I saw alerts go out that the bill had been withdrawn. Fantastic! Per the Phoenix New Times:

State Representative Jay Lawrence (R-Fountain Hills) has withdrawn his bill that could have destroyed Arizona’s medical-marijuana program.

Lawrence’s bill, HCR 2019, would have stripped naturopaths and homeopaths of the right to recommend medical marijuana, even though those doctors write nearly 90 percent of the recommendations. His plan also called for patients to renew their cards every six months instead of every year, paying double the annual fees.

“We received so many calls,” he tells New Times. “I had heard anecdotally that [the cards] are handed out wildly. I learned from the callers that there is a lot more care taken by naturopaths than I had originally been told.”

Yet another example of the power of activism, and of personal testimonies. When elected officials hear from constituents, and can put a voice or a face to a story, powerful things are possible. Kudos to everyone that contacted Representative Lawrence. The ability of the cannabis movement to organize and mobilize these days is truly impressive, and it warms my heart to see when it’s used effectively!


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