July 26, 2012

Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Seminar Coming To Scottsdale on July 28th

July 26, 2012
Arizona medical Marijuana sb 1440 dispensaries

Arizona MarijuanaThe 280E seminar is being hosted by Steve DeAngelo, Executive Director of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, and will focus on tax liabilities for licensed Arizona dispensary operators

Arizona Dispensary Solutions is co-sponsoring the tax seminar that is being held at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale on July 28th. The main goal of this seminar is to present effective strategies for dispensaries to deal with IRS audits and normalizing tax liabilities in a fair manner. Steve DeAngelo is nationally renowned as an active medical marijuana advocate and is often seen on the Discovery Channel show Weed Wars. The seminar will focus on what specific strategies have been working and how they were implemented. Henry Wykowski ESQ is the only attorney in the US to have won a case on 280E. He along with Hank Levy, CPA, will be speaking at the seminar. Mr. Levy has over 140 cannabis clients across the country.

Due to the caliber and experience of the speakers at this event, attendance will be very valuable to individuals who have submitted one or more dispensary application(s) or those who are deeply involved in the dispensary portion of Arizona’s Medical Marijuana program in another capacity. Because of Arizona Dispensary Solutions’ sponsorship of this seminar, a $100 discount to the event will bring the price down to $299 ($310 with service fees). This is designed to be a limited attendance event with an emphasis on learning and networking, so those who are interested in purchasing tickets should do so immediately.

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The IRS is using tax audits to rule that state-sanctioned cannabis businesses are deemed ‘drug trafficking organizations’ under section 280E of the IRS code. Through this definition of the tax code, the IRS is denying legitimate businesses from making normal deductions such as rent payments, payroll, insurance, and other usual business expenses incurred and demanding large taxes and fines on the industry.

“We are going to challenge this tax code to make sure that patients all over America have the ability to safely fill their health care needs with safe access from medical cannabis providers who are operating clearly with state laws. This is a public safety issue and a health care right,” says lead tax attorney Henry Wykowski.

With thousands of jobs at stake, millions of tax dollars helping to balance state and local budgets, and confusion for patients looming, the 280E Reform Campaign is announcing a nationwide initiative to bring awareness to legislators, provide legal and tax council for organization threatened by the IRS audits.


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