June 10, 2016

Arkansas: Make Sure To Turn In ALL Medical Marijuana Petitions By Tuesday

June 10, 2016
Arkansas medical marijuana

Arkansas medical marijuanaThe medical marijuana campaign in Arkansas is calling anyone and everyone that has signed medical marijuana petitions to get them in by the deadline, which is this upcoming Tuesday, the 14th. Below is more information about where to send your signed petitions, via a message from the campaign:

We’ve got fantastic news! We’re about to turn in over 100,000 signatures to the Secretary of States office in Little Rock to place medical cannabis on the ballot! If you have petitions, we need to get those back immediately. Please mail your petitions to our HQ so that they arrive no later than Tuesday the 14th.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for making this campaign a success! Thank you! After we turn in ALL petitions to the Secretary of States office next week, we’ll start from scratch and continue collecting while the state is validating signatures. If we fall a bit short, we’ll then keep collecting for another few weeks. But ALL old petitions must be turned in next week! Make sure that you mail your notarized petitions even if you only have a few signatures. Thank you!

EVERY SIGNATURE MATTERS! Time to turn in your notarized petitions! Even if there’s just one signature on it, please have it notarized and send it us! Send them to campaign management:

PO Box 420
Hensley, AR 72065

If you don’t have funds for postage, please make sure to contact Ryan Denham or Gary Fults.
Also, review this guide to make sure that you know how to properly notarize your petition sheets.Make sure that you include your full address including the state on the bottom, print your name legibly, and make sure that the notary stamp is crystal clear.

After we turn in next week, we’ll start from scratch and continue to collect signatures for a few more weeks until we are confident that we have enough signatures to make the ballot. We’ll still need YOUR help to make this happen. Please volunteer if you haven’t yet.

Please urge your family and friends not to sign the wrong petition, the Big Business Medical Marijuana Initiative (The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment). Please only sign “the one with heart!” Click here to share our “Don’t be fooled – Don’t Sign the Wrong Petition” graphic on Facebook.

Ryan Denham

PS Please Mail ALL Medical Cannabis Petitions to our HQ for our turn in next week. Then we’ll start from scratch and continue collecting for the next few weeks. Thank you!


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