Attend Smoke Down Prohibition, "Buds In The Burgh, Toke II" In Pittsburgh


If you are in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow, this looks like a great opportunity:

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Pittsburgh Norml and Pittsburgh Norml Women's Alliance are hosting 'Smoke Down Prohibition, "Buds In The Burgh, Toke II."

On This Saturday May 25th we will gather at Point State Park, aka "The Point", by the bridge @ 3:30 pm to protest cannabis prohibition. Retired police officer attending Smoke down Prohibition Rally. He has Been Seizure free for over a year thanks to marijuana.

Retired Wilkinsburg police officer and Coast Guard Veteran Richard Schneeman never considered marijuana anything other than an illegal drug that he was sworn to help eradicate from the streets of Wlkinsburg. Officer Schneeman worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods in this lower income neighborhood on the border of Pittsburgh. Officer Schneeman's career, however, was cut short where developed seizures after being struck by a car while on duty and then being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

"I served my country in the Coast Guard, and I served the people of Wilkinsburg for 18 years before my career was cut short. Police work was my life. I never expected to be disabled before I was 50 or had the chance to retire."

Now Rich struggles on a daily basis to fight the cancer that "should have killed me four years ago." Compounding his struggle are frequent seizures. "My neurologist and I simply could not find the right dosage of Dilantin and my seizures continued unabated."

But a sympathetic care provider whispered something Officer Schneeman would have considered sacrilege "marijuana is medicine and might help." Rich has been seizure free for over a year since using marijuana to help control his seizure disorder. "I can tell you it's helped me tremendously. I can tell you that from my experience its utterly ridiculous that my neurologist couldn't recommend marijuana or even have a discussion with me about it."

Officer Schneeman continues his fight against cancer every day. But his fight is made much easier now the his seizures are under control thanks to a plant with a funny name. Officer Schneeman is not the only retired police officer locally to support medicinal marijuana. Representative Dom Costa, a retired City of Pittsburgh Police Commander, has co-sponsored House Bill 1181, Governor Raymond P. Shafer Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

For comments call Rich Schneeman at 412.848.5618 or Patrick Nightingale at 412.225.7959