July 30, 2015

Big Vote On Autism And Medical Marijuana Tomorrow In Michigan

July 30, 2015
autism cannabis marijuana

autism cannabis marijuanaMulti-talented Michigan attorney Michael Komorn is calling on families of children with autism to attend a crucial vote of the Medical Marihuana Review Panel on July 31st.

The Panel is considering whether to recommend approval of a petition to add autism to the list of medical conditions that can qualify a patient for the use of medical marijuana in Michigan.

Under Michigan’s rigorous standards, a child must obtain two certifications from physicians that the patient may receive palliative care from the application of marijuana medicines.

Komorn is putting his money where his mouth is. For families that have autism and attend the hearing, Komorn is offering to pay the cost of gas and provide a meal.

Komorn first made this offer on The Planet Green Trees Radio Show, of which he is the Host. He is also the leader of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, the MMMA, and it is in the pages of their website that this latest notice appears.

A previous hearing on the subject ended in adjournment due to a poorly-packed petition, which seemed grossly edited by the Michigan Attorney General‘s office.

From the website:

Next Friday, July 31 is a very important day for the Michigan Medical Marijuana community. The MMMA, along with physicians, lawyers, and families have worked tirelessly for more than a year to add autism as a qualifying condition under the Act, and next Friday is the vote to add or deny autism into the law.

Please attend this vote, particularly if you treat your child with marijuana, to show solidarity with the parents of autistic children and family members that have led this drive. Komorn Law has pledged to compensate food and gas for all families with children that attend.

Just attending the panel meeting can make a huge difference, there are many people with a debilitating condition who cannot make it. If you know someone in Lansing, ask them to attend. Friday is the ideal day to show respectful support that will have a real, meaningful impact on the panel’s vote, and on the futures of these parents and children in need.

I am sure all of you can understand how important this vote is for the families who have children afflicted with autism. I personally would like to believe that with all the hoopla and attention towards legalization lately the patients and families of patients are not lost or overlooked. Medical cannabis is the real deal. For the last 6 years we have all shared together in the miracles of this plant. We have danced on this forum together making history in Michigan as we implement the 2008 voter initiative. The battle continues and the fight is scheduled for July 31. Your appearance will be a strong showing of unity of our medical cannabis community. It will help provide evidence that medical cannabis is real, and safe access for those afflicted with autistism must be the next step for the MMMA.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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