April 20, 2012

Bill Introduced To Regulate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In California

April 20, 2012
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marijuana billLongtime NORML ally Mark Leno is sponsoring legislation, Senate Bill 1182, that seeks to clarify how medical marijuana dispensaries may legally operate under state law. Lawmakers on the Senate Committee on Public Safety are scheduled to hear the bill on Tuesday, April 24. California NORML will be attending this hearing.

As introduced, SB 1182 seeks to bar from state prosecution those establishments that operate within the state Attorney General’s 2008 written guidelines for marijuana cooperatives and collectives. You can read the AG’s guidelines for the ‘lawful operation of cooperative or a collective’ here.

Leno’s measure also states, “This bill would exempt those entities and persons from criminal prosecution or punishment solely on the basis of the fact that they receive compensation for actual expenses incurred in carrying out activities that are in compliance with those guidelines.”

You can read the full text of the measure here.

California NORML strongly supports SB 1182, as it would substantially eliminate confusion over the legality of the state’s several hundred dispensaries. You can learn more about this measure from California NORML here.

Article from NORML.org and republished with permission.


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