October 2, 2015

Campaign Update From New Approach Idaho

October 2, 2015
new approach idaho marijuana

new approach idaho marijuanaNew Approach Idaho spokesman, Bill Esbensen, will be speaking to an expected large crowd of attendees during this year’s Oregon Hempstalk festival and will be soliciting donations from Oregon stakeholders to help further NAI’s goal of turning its three-pronged cannabis initiative into a bill to place it on the November 2016 election ballot for Idaho residents to decide on the issue.

“This organization is growing fast, “Esbensen stated Thursday afternoon. “Our volunteer base is hitting record numbers, more and more volunteers are showing up to our weekly meetings, donations are starting to flow in, and our social media outlets have virtually exploded with over 27,000 supporters in recent months. This has been an uphill battle in the past, but we’re beginning to see the tide change in people’s attitudes towards the issue – thanks to physicians like CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and his Weed documentaries, the Veteran’s Administration approving cannabis medicine for veterans with PTSD and the national group, LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) publicly supporting the issue and calling for an end to the colossal failure known as Nixon’s 1972 War On Drugs.

We’ve gained enough support during this campaign that our group has been able to move out of its former donated broom closet-sized office and into a larger official location with its name on the door. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so many things in such a short amount of time if it weren’t for all the overwhelming support we’ve received from the general public. I’m proud of my fellow Idahoans for taking off their blindfolds and researching things for themselves. The information is out there, and is far more valuable to someone who has done their own investigation on the subject instead of investing any credence in the parroted 80-year propaganda that continues to stubbornly persist. It’s a beautiful thing, to see the light go on in someone’s eyes when they have that particular Ah Ha Moment.”

Esbensen also reported that the large group of volunteers in the New Approach Idaho booth collected over 4,000 signatures during this year’s Hyde Park Street Fair, as well as handed out thousands of highly informational pamphlets – with the provided reputable website links to the peer reviewed scientific studies and archived congressional records – encouraging people to do their own research on the subject.

“For every scowling individual who scoffs at what we’re trying to accomplish, “Esbensen revealed, “there’s a thousand more giving Thumbs Up and their support. We’ve learned to shrug off the opposers’ negativity and to not take it personally, we are acutely aware they don’t know the same things about cannabis that we know, but hopefully one day they will. The world has been duped since the 1930s on the subject, initially devised by greedy industrialists and carried out by their corrupt political shills; it’s long overdue for people living in the 21st century to know the truth. That’s why we’re here.”

***New Approach Idaho, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is successfully circulating statewide the three-pronged petition to place 1) medical marijuana, 2) decriminalize three ounces or less, and 3) an industrial hemp program on the November 2016 election ballot in Idaho.

For more information, make a donation, or volunteer, contact NAI at 208.407.7317, newapproachidaho@gmail.com or their snail mail PO Box 7684, Boise, Idaho 83707. Follow NAI at www.facebook.com/NewApproachIdaho and Twitter@NAI420

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