CannaBus To Travel From California To Montana To Support Chris Williams


A courageous cannabis caregiver from Montana will have a busload of allies standing behind him as he learns his fate for providing medical marijuana for terminally ill and disabled patients. Chris Williams faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years to life in prison when he goes before U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen on February 1st. His case is among a handful that have been heard by a Jury, after hundreds of federal raids on state-legal medical marijuana operations across the country. Since President Obama took office in 2008, more than 70 federal indictments have been been issued against otherwise law-abiding patients and caregivers.

chris williams montana medical marijuana grower

With the help of four generous donations of one thousand dollars, two of which have already been secured, the CannaBus operated by Canna sense will depart Southern California on January 30th. Brief stops will be made along the way in San Francisco, Portland and Spokane where other Drug War Casualties can climb on board. Plans are being made to fill the CannaBus with people who've been imprisoned for drugs, their friends and loved ones, and the outreach coordinators who are left to pick up the pieces of prisoner's shattered lives.

Free Chris Williams and The Human Solution have teamed up to collect donations to cover half of the costs, but matching funds are desperately needed to make this Journey for Justice possible. Since being convicted in September 2012, Williams has been shuttled between five rural detention centers in Montana, including two where his former business partner suffered medical neglect that killed him. He has been offered two post-trial compromises that would vacate six of the eight jury convictions. The latest offer, which Williams reluctantly accepted, reduced his potential sentence from a mandatory minimum of more than 80 years in prison to as little as five. Unfortunately, Williams still faces life behind bars under a settlement agreement that waives most of his appeal rights. NOW is our last chance to influence the outcome of this groundbreaking case and fight for a man who is willing to die in prison for his belief in the Constitution.

Source: The Human Solution