March 24, 2016

Chile Officials Starts Harvesting 6,000 Plant Medical Marijuana Plantation

March 24, 2016
Chile Legalized Medical Marijuana

Chile flagAt the end of 2015 the nation of Chile announced plans to open the largest legal medical marijuana garden on the continent. The following month it was announced that a plantation had started operating in Colbun, which is 170 miles south of Santiago. The plantation was to grow 6,000 plants to supply 4,000 patients. Yesterday Chilean officials started harvesting the plants, which plantation organizers are hoping will ultimately yield 1.65 tons of usable cannabis. Per Bernama:

Authorities and representatives from different organizations supporting the medical use of marijuana started harvesting the largest legal marijuana field in Latin America, in a rural area in southern of Chile, close to the Andes Mountains.

The initiative, which has been authorized by the Chilean government, will transform the buds of 6,000 marijuana plants growing near the city of Colbun into different phytopharmaceuticals for 4,000 patients free of charge.

“It is an important day. We want it to be the first harvest of many more to come in Latin American countries,” Ana Maria Gazmuri, president of the Daya Foundation, an organization for the promotion and research of alternative therapies that fosters the initiative, told EFE on Monday.

As always seems to be the case, I am very curious to know what the quality of the cannabis is. I’d imagine cannabis grows very well in that region. 1.65 tons equals 3,300 pounds. Pulling that off of 6,000 plants seems to be a low yield for outdoor plants, but then again it sounds like these plants weren’t growing for very long. Either way, hopefully all of that medicine gets into the hands of the 4,000 patients that need it. Also, hopefully this leads to an expansion of the program, and eventually a scenario where patients can grow their own, if they choose to do so.


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