September 12, 2014

Chile To Start Growing Medical Marijuana

September 12, 2014
Chile Legalized Medical Marijuana

Chile flagMarijuana reform is sweeping across South America. Even before Uruguay legalized recreational marijuana, momentum to legalize medical marijuana in the region was growing. Chile recently announced that it has approved it’s first medical marijuana farm to grow marijuana for research. Per Latino Fox News:

The governor of Metropolitan Santiago, Claudio Orrego, announced on Monday the approval by Chilean authorities of the first farm in this capital to grow marijuana for medicinal and research purposes.

The initiative, presented on May 23 before the Agricultural and Livestock Service, or SAG, is being sponsored jointly by the Daya Foundation and the Santiago municipality of La Florida to produce cannabis oil for use in the treatment of cancer patients.

The proposal also receives support from the University of Valparaiso and the Arturo Lopez Perez Foundation, which specializes in oncological treatment.

This is a great day for the patients of Chile. I hope there are many more medical marijuana farms planned in the near future. Once the Chilean government sees how well medical marijuana works, I expect there to be a full roll out. Also, once other countries in South America see what is happening in Chile, I hope they follow suit as well.


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