October 18, 2012

Clergy Group In Lemon Grove Hosting ANTI-Medical Marijuana Forum

October 18, 2012
Patient Care Association

clergy group medical marijuana forum lemon groveCome Out And Support Safe Access

By Eugene Davidovich, Chapter Coordinator, San Diego Americans for Safe Access

TODAY (10/18/2012) – @7pm at the Lemon Grove Academy, hosted by The Lemon Grove Clergy Association there will be a forum to discuss the medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot in that city.

Although the Union Tribune is reporting that “Community representatives and a group of panelists will be speaking on the propositions and what it means to Lemon Grove”, we expect that the medical cannabis community will not be represented and that the “forum” is meant to convince voters to vote against safe access to medical marijuana.

In the Lemon Grove Patch, Mark Stapleton, one of the Pastors organizing the event, was quoted as saying “”We are concerned that those who do not wish to have a dispensary in Lemon Grove may not know that they must vote ‘No’ on both T and Q.” when discussing the purpose of the event.

If you support safe access and have a little time to spare today, please come out in support of safe access. Medical cannabis and the patient community is being smeared by reefer madness propaganda, please come to the Lemon Grove Academy Auditorium today at 7pm at 7866 Lincoln St. Lemon Grove, CA and help oppose it with facts, evidence, and science.

WHAT: “Clergy Forum” on medical marijuana
WHEN: TODAY 10/18/12 – 7pm
WHERE: Lemon Grove Academy – 7866 Lincoln St. Lemon Grove, CA


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