Collective Voice With Oregonians For Law Reform Meeting This Saturday


Please join us this Saturday in Portland at 1pm at Old Wives Tale in supporting Oregonians for Law Reforms efforts to protect and advance the current medical cannabis programs we have in place.

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As the political landscape begins to solidify in Oregon, with the return of the Democrats to power in Salem and a strong call from power players to resolve Safe Access issues the opportunity many of us have been waiting for is finally here. The Oregon Legislature is ready to regulate Safe Access Centers, but they NEED our help.

Collective Voice has teamed up with Oregonians for Law Reform, spearheaded by Sam Chapman, (Former Head of UO Students for Sensible Drug Policy, campaign manager and political insider). OLR is poised to be THE influential lobbying arm this legislative session for the medical cannabis community.

Never before in Salem has an opportunity like this been presented to the Medical Cannabis Community. We've been asked for not only input as to what regulations should look like, but have been asked to give guidance from the legislators themselves.

Collective Voice is seeking to raise money to hire Oregonians for Law Reform to work on behalf of our interests in the upcoming 2013 legislature. They have been making the connections to ensure that we pass a safe regulated supply system.

What happens if we don't?

If this opportunity slips through our fingers, you can bet on the sheriffs association coming in and making unfavorable and possibly unworkable changes to the current Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. They have done it in the past, remember the fee increases? That was them. Without proper representation to protect our interests in Salem, they will continue to make vicious attacks against the OMMP.

We have already defeated the first attempt made by the Sheriffs Association by killing a bill that would have made it illegal for hash to be over 50% THC, medical use of marijuana would have been prohibited on premise, more fee increases, and any state employee could check your OMMP records at any time, for any reason. However, unless we have our own lobbyist in place, we will not fare so well the second time around.

The time for change is now!

In order to secure Oregonians for Law Reform as our lobbyist, we all need to pitch in. You are highly encouraged to sign up to make $100 monthly contribution from now until June.

See you on Saturday!

WHO: Collective Voice with Oregonians for Law Reform
WHAT: Strategy/Fundraising Meeting
WHEN: Saturday January 8th @ 1pm
WHERE: Old Wives Tale 1300 East Burnside Street  Portland, OR 97214 (503) 238-0470