November 5, 2010

Colorado Being Sued Over Recent Marijuana Dispensary Bans

November 5, 2010
Wheelchair man busted marijuana

I received this and figured it was important. If you can join this lawsuit, click the links at the bottom of the story:

The Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project (PCRLP) is pursuing litigation to overturn the unconstitutional provisions of HB1284 and SB109. Two new events have recently occurred that have added more people to the list of those harmed by these laws.

On Election Day, several Colorado cities, towns and counties banned medical marijuana dispensaries. This act is unconstitutional. Medical marijuana is a constitutional right in Colorado, and localities cannot ban it any more than they can ban freedom of speech or any other Constitutional right.

In addition, this week CTI found out that the Colorado Department of Health and Environment had decided to ban 18 physicians from writing recommendations in Colorado because they have various “restrictions” or “conditions” on their licenses. The physicians can still write prescriptions for Oxycontin, but they cannot write a recommendation for an herb. CDPHE has said they rejected 2,000 patient applications signed from these physicians and more are coming.

The PCRLP has several attorneys working from different legal angles to clarify and restore patient and caregiver rights. The PCRLP is currently in search of patients, caregivers, physicians, collectives, dispensaries or MMC’s who have been negatively impacted by in any way by HB10-1284 or SB 10-109, including homebound and hospice patients.

If you are a victim of the recent bans on medical marijuana, if you are a patient who has had their application denied or a physician who has lost the ability to write recommendations, please contact PCRLP immediately.

Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project




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