July 14, 2011

Colorado Considering Reducing Medical Marijuana Registration Fees

July 14, 2011
colorado cannabis amendment 64
colorado cannabisPublic Comment on Medical Marijuana Registry Fee Reduction

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (department) is considering a reduction of the medical marijuana registration fee from $90 to $35. In making this downward adjustment, the Department has looked at the direct and indirect costs associated with managing the Medical Marijuana Registry Program.

This spreadsheet pdf logo details the costs to run the Medical Marijuana Registry Program. In summary, the department is assuming a registrant level of 120,000 applications per calendar year. The Department is also assuming 20% of those applicants will claim indigent status (defined as 185% of the federal poverty level); thus, the fee will be waived in accord with state statute. Therefore, 96,000 applicants will pay the fee. (120,000 X 20% = 24,000. 120,000 — 24,000 = 96,000). The program is anticipated to cost $3,367,726 per year to run. $3,367,726 / 96,000 applicants = $35.08 per applicant. The fee will be rounded down to $35.

With this posting, the department is inviting public comment on the proposed reduced medical marijuana registry fee. The public comment period will be open from July 1 through July 29, 2011. Please send your comments to cdphemedicalmarijuanacomments@state.co.us


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