Colorado House to Vote on Medical Marijuana Changes Tomorrow


The Colorado House is going to vote on HB 1284 for the first time tomorrow. Rep. Sal Pace, a Democrat from Pueblo, wants to add Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as an approvable condition. “This is one simple step towards doing something on behalf of our veterans,” Pace said “An eight member board of physicians in New Mexico just verified that medical marijuana does assist in fighting the symptoms of PTSD.”

Colorado Capital

According to a legislative document, the bill would cost $1.9 million for Colorado to implement, and generate $2.3 million in medical marijuana licenses (click here). I cited my source for those numbers, because I couldn’t find the ‘legislative document’ that the article referred to. If those numbers are true, that’s a mere $400,000 in revenue for the state. Not exactly the cash cow all the politicians thought it would be! The bill MAY include the following rules, but keep in mind amendments are always possible when it hits the floor for debate before the vote:

Changes to MMJ centers:

1.Medical marijuana centers must obtain a license from a local licensing authority, followed by a state license.

2.If a MMJ center wants to cultivate medicine in a location different than the center, it requires a separate license.

3.If edible products are sold, the center must obtain applicable food service licenses.

4.Local licensing authorities can limit the amount and locations of MMJ centers and their cultivation sites.

5.MMJ centers must keep records of all employees, and pass criminal background checks.

6.Public hearings must be held before centers can open.

7.A $5,000 licensing fee is required for MMJ centers.

8.Physicians, people under 21, or law enforcement members are barred from operating an MMJ center.

9.Licenses are good for 2 years.

10.MMJ centers are required to maintain records for all transactions for three years, and provide them upon request from the State.

11.MMJ centers cannot allow patients to consume on site, or operate outside of business hours.

12.MMJ centers cannot have more than 6 plants and 2 oz for each patient that is registered at the center.

13.Any violation is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Changes to caretakers:

1.Limit of 5 patients per caretaker

2.Patients can only have 1 caretaker at a time

3.Cannot be convicted of a drug misdemeanor or felony within the last 5 years

4.Caregivers can join a registry if they do not have a current patient to provide for, and the registry will try to locate a patient.