Confidential Colorado Patient Registry to be Replaced by Law Enforcement Database

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Public Comment Needed on DoR Rules

Attend the Hearing on 1/27-28

Confidential Patient Registry to be Replaced by Law Enforcement Database

The Colorado Department of Revenue has released 99 pages of new regulations
governing medical marijuana. The most concerning aspect of these new rules
is the invasion of patient privacy they allow. In order to purchase
medicine at a Medical Marijuana Center, patients will be forced to give up
their constitutional right to confidentiality and become willing
participants in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient and Medicine
Tracking Database and Surveillance System. This new $4 million + database
system will track everything from seed to sale. This will include every
time a patient enters an MMC, including what they purchase and when, where
and how often they purchase medicine. This will include logging the
information into the database as well as collecting video surveillance of
each patient as they make their purchase. These video surveillance cameras
will be viewable remotely by law enforcement 24/7 on demand.

This new database will *replace* the confidential CDPHE registry and will
be shared with agencies that including the Colorado Bureau of
Investigation, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department
of Motor Vehicles and the Colorado Division of Labor and Employment, state
and local law enforcement, and more.

There are no security guidelines for how this information will be kept
secure. As we have seen with WikiLeaks, it is virtually impossible to
guarantee that electronic records will remain confidential.

This is an unprecedented assault on the Constitutional guarantee to
confidentiality of medical marijuana patients in Colorado. We MUST stop the
state from developing this database and replacing the confidential


You can send public comments up until and AT the hearing on Jan. 27-28.
These are important as they will become part of the official rulemaking

Click here to read the rules on the DoR Website:

The new Department of Revenue rules related to video surveillance and
tracking of patient purchases violate the patients' right to
confidentiality guaranteed in the Article XVIII Section 14 of the Colorado

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Jan. 27-28, 2011
(Thurs. and Fri.)

Department of Revenue
Rulemaking Public Hearing
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Place: Jefferson County Justice Center
Administration and Courts Facility
Hearing Room (HR 1)
100 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, CO

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