May 2, 2013

Contact Your Oregon State Senator: SB 794 Supports Medical Marijuana Patients

May 2, 2013
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oregon senate bill 794 medical marijuanaBy Hunter Holliman, National Field Coordinator, Americans for Safe Access

The Oregon State Senate Judiciary Committee gave a positive recommendation for SB 794 to move forward. This bill would allow for patients from out-of-state to still be protected under state law, and Oregon patients will no longer be required to designate a grower if no one is cultivating medicine for them.

Please take a moment to call your State Senator and urge them to support SB 794!

Click here to find the contact information for you State Senator

Use these talking points when contacting your Senator:

  • Senate Bill 794 is a modest bill that received a “do-pass” recommendation from Sen. Judiciary.
  • Senate Bill 794: Allows for out-of-state medical marijuana patients who are already authorized under their own state’s medical marijuana program, the same protection as an Oregon cardholder. The amount possessed or used by any out-of-state patient cannot exceed one ounce.
  • Four states currently allow this under their mmj laws. These states are Arizona, Maine, Michigan and Rhode Island.
  • Currently, Oregon allows medical marijuana cardholders from other states to actually apply for a card under Oregon’s program. This may take up to 60 days and requires approval by an Oregon licensed physician making it impractical for those just driving through or visiting for short periods of time.
  • Senate Bill 794 eliminates the requirement to designate a grower for applicants who do not use a grower. Currently the application process for a medical marijuana card requires a qualifying patient applying fornregistration to identify a grow site and grow site address.

*This bill as already had an amendment adopted and therefore it has to be reprinted after it gets through committee and comes out as an A-Engrossed bill. When calling you can simply refer to it as SB 794.


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