'Cooperative Nation' Launches To Help Simplify Patient Access To Medical Cannabis

Cooperative Nation

Innovation in the Medical Marijuana Marketplace

Cooperative Nation is a unique startup, that launched in the medical marijuana space last week. The membership area at Cooperative Nation connects medical marijuana patients with all the Co-ops, growers or caregivers in the area. When a patient can directly access their local source of medicine, they will surely undercut the brick and mortar middlemen (dispensaries) pricing. The medical marijuana marketplace is being revolutionized by Cooperative Nation. Any medical marijuana patient may sign up for free.

Cooperative Nation created a platform where normal patients and professional patients both can benefit from each other. All medical marijuana services providers (Co-ops, growers, chefs, and caregivers) have an easy decision to join. Service providers can only increase their legal donation revenue by utilizing Cooperative Nation. Patients as well, now have a great alternative to donating $10 or $12 a gram at dispensaries. See for yourself if there are medical growers near you with OG Kush, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, or whatever your favorite strain happens to be.

In states that allow Cooperatives; patients can combine their medical marijuana licenses together and grow more plants at one location. Cooperative Nation was named because their specialty is helping Co-op owners find patients to donate an extra copy of their license. In return the patient will receive an agreed upon yield of free weed each month or harvest. Along with "recreational" legalization in Washington, they have the most lenient medical marijuana laws allowing Cooperatives to have up to ninety plants in one locked facility with fifteen plants per one patient license. Why medical marijuana in Washington and Colorado will continue to flourish is because many marijuana laws were not decriminalized on December 6. Most importantly, home cultivation is still illegal for anyone who is not a medical marijuana patient. The medical marijuana growers in Washington and Colorado are here to stay. Cooperative Nation will become even more of an asset to Co-op owners in Washington over the next few years as the process of legalization continues, and weed reaches storefronts. When legal weed becomes accessible without a patient license, the patient pool will shrink, and Co-op owners will have a harder time finding their five licenses needed. Cooperative Nation is not only for Co-op owners, and all medical marijuana patients will gain value by signing up for free.