Court Support Inspires Lenity For Medical Marijuana Patient


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Community action helps Michigan's Tamara Hudson  avoid jail time in a criminal case relating to four felonies, the sale of cannabis and the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMA).

More than a dozen court supporters and 60 letters of support may have swayed the Macomb County judge to act with kindness when sentencing Tamara Hudson on distribution of marijuana charges December 22. Her hearing was held in Warren.

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The penalty Ms. Hudson received after being convicted for four felonies related to medical marijuana and distribution of same: 2 years probation and a suspended sentence for six months.

Ms. Hudson has been active in Michigan's court support for medical marijuana patients community via The Human Solution International (THSI).  Assistance from THSI and national leaders Kristin Flor and Joe Grumbine helped Ms. Hudson secure the 60 letters presented to the judge, each asking for lenity in sentencing.

You can follow Ms. Hudson's saga by watching the posts on her Facebook page, located HERE.

The press release from The Human Solution International is included below.

December 22, 2014


A Victory For Tamara Hudson and The Human Solution International

WARREN, Michigan, December 22, 2014 - For Tamara Hudson, mother of three, today was a victorious day. Tamara was being sentenced for four cannabis related felonies.

As she stood in front of the judge to be sentenced he stated that what she did was wrong. Tamara feels strongly that the more than fifteen court supporters, as well as the sixty letters that were written on her behalf asking for leniency, greatly influenced the judge's decision. Tamara got two years probation and a six month suspended sentence instead of six months in jail. This is a great example of what defendant support can accomplish.

Tamara has worked tirelessly on her case from posting videos to asking supporters to write letters to the judge. Along with focusing on her own case, Tamara has worked to unite THSI chapters in Michigan and show other defendants support as well. Tamara left her own court appearance today and went to another defendant's court hearing instead of celebrating her own victory.

President of THSI, Joe Grumbine, stated with tears in his eyes, "Tamara is a classic textbook Solution case and followed all of our advice up until the end. She is a true inspiration." Tamara is an example to all of perseverance and the change a defendant can make in their own case as well as others. There will be a full length article about Tamara's Journey to Justice soon - keep a look out for it. Go Ribbon Heads!

Contact information for THS Intl. is:

The Human Solution International

a 501(c)(3) organization

Ph: (951) 934-0055

Fax: (520) 509-6845


Read the press release on the THSI webpage at  A Victory For Tamara Hudson and The Human Solution International - The Human Solution International.

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