August 19, 2012

Court Support Needed For Legal Medical Marijuana Patient In Federal Custody

August 19, 2012
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court support medical marijuana ronnie changRonnie Chang Is A Legal Medical Cannabis Patient In Federal Custody

By Terrie Best, San Diego Americans for Safe Access Court Support Coordinator

Court Support requested for Ronnie Chang. Ronnie, a state legal medical cannabis patient, is in federal custody and his attorney, Michael J. McCabe is fighting to modify terms of his release so Ronnie may return to caring for his elderly mother. McCabe has enjoyed several victories in state court for medical cannabis patients Eugene Davidovich and most recently, Dexter Padilla.

Ronnie Chang had been arrested following the raid of Club One Collective/Extreme Holistic Care in San Marcos but was able to post bail. Then the bond was pulled due to a mysterious audit of the bond company which uncovered the unsecured bond. In June, the bondsman was forced to take Ronnie into custody because of the unsecured nature of the bond. The U.S. prosecution, Paul Satarita, denied knowledge of the audit but continues to pressure for a plea.

On July 30th, a motion to modify Ronnie’s pretrial release was denied by Judge Michael M. Anello without prejudice because of the pulled bond. Anello then gave the defense two weeks to secure the bond with collateral.

Defendant and client will be back in court to disclose whether they have been able to satisfy collateral for the 200,000 dollar bond.

WHAT: Chang Motion to Modify Terms of Pretrial Release

WHEN: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 2:00PM

WHERE: Dept. 5, on the 3rd Flr. of the San Diego Federal Courthouse, 940 Front St. at Broadway, San Diego, CA, 92101

Later, in September, Ronnie Chang and his co-defendants James Brand, Gary Maddox, Hal Pilotte, Peter Suhan and Amanda Ventura (allegedly connected to Club One Collective/ Extreme Holistic Care) will also be in court with their attorneys Michael McCabe, Paul Turner, Knut Johnson, James Dicks and Mark Bluemel, this time to argue motions challenging the legality of the wire tap used in this case.

The illegal wire tap hearing is scheduled for September 10th, 2012 also in Department 5 of the San Diego Federal Court Building at 940 Front Street, at Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101.

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