September 17, 2013

CPS: Stop Taking Children From Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients And Caregivers

September 17, 2013
dea kids children medical marijuana

dea kids children medical marijuana michiganI received the following e-mail from Michigan Moms United about an event that is being held today. If you are in the area, make sure to check it out:

LANSING,  MI—On Tuesday, September 17th, a coalition of attorneys, parents, students and legislators will call on the State of Michigan to immediately recognize and adhere to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (The Act), and stop removing children from the homes of licensed medical marijuana caregivers and patients. At least three families who have been targeted by CPS will be speaking to media.
WHAT: Press conference and protest to address the removal of children from licensed medical marijuana caregivers and patients
WHERE: Department of Human Services, 235 S Grand Ave, Lansing, MI 48933
WHEN: Tuesday, September 17th, 12 Noon
WHO: State Rep. Jeff Irwin, Attorneys Thomas Lavigne and Joshua Covert, Steve and Maria Green and other families from across Michigan who have their children removed by CPS due to their status as a medical marijuana patient or caregiver.
The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was passed with overwhelming support in 2008. Specific protections were written into that voter-initiated law to protect families from removing children from the homes of caregivers and patients who register with the State.
Five years after the enactment of our law, Michigan Child Protective Services  (CPS) continues to unjustly remove children from the homes of state sanctioned medical marijuana patients and caregivers.
Michigan Moms United Founder Charmie Gholson said, “Last Friday an Ingham county judge removed 6 month-old Bree Green from her loving parents, despite their status as state-sanctioned medical marijuana patients and caregivers.  This is just one of many, widespread incidents throughout Michigan involving CPS agencies that disregard the clearly written protections provided in the Act. Michigan Moms United calls on the State to immediately return this infant to her parents, and adhere to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.”


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