October 18, 2015

Croatia Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Sort Of

October 18, 2015
croatia medical marijuana

croatia medical marijuanaWherever there are people suffering, and medical marijuana can help those suffering people, medical marijuana should be legal. I think you would be hard pressed to find any country on the planet that doesn’t have people that would benefit from medical marijuana. Croatia is no exception. The nation of Croatia legalized medical marijuana the last week, sort of. Per ABC:

The legalization formally went into effect on Thursday, but Croatian media reported that no medicines containing THC — the active element in cannabis — have been registered in the country.

The health ministry has warned it remains illegal to grow marijuana at home and that medical marijuana can only be prescribed by doctors. The regulations envisage that a patient can receive up to 0.75 grams of THC per month.

So there are no meds with THC in it available right now, at least legally. Patients cannot grow their own. The only way that they can receive medical marijuana is from a doctor, but again, the doctors in Croatia don’t have any medical marijuana to prescribe. It reminds me a lot of CBD states in America. Technically, yes, there is medical marijuana on the books.


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