December 28, 2014

Dabs Are Becoming More And More Popular In Maine

December 28, 2014
bho shatter dabs concentrates

bho shatter dabs concentratesIf you don’t know what dabs are, you really need to do some research, because you are missing out. Dabs are growing in popularity across America, and Maine is no exception. A big reason for an increase in popularity for dabs is the rise of vape pens. I used to only consume dabs on a weekly basis because getting out the torch and rig and buying more butane for the torch was an inconvenience. If I wanted to get really high I would break out the gear, but for the most part it just didn’t sound as appealing as taking a quick waterfall or bong hit.

That all changed when I got my vape pen. Now I can hit concentrates almost anywhere and anytime in a quick, efficient, discreet way. When you combine the fact that vape pens are sweeping the nation with a change in Maine’s law, it has created the perfect storm for a dab invasion. Per Sun Journal:

An amendment to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act that allows the use and sale of concentrated marijuana went into effect in August.

Maine voters first approved medical marijuana in 1999, which allowed patients to grow their own supply or select a caregiver to grow it for them. In 2009, the law was expanded to include more permitted medical conditions and to allow patients to buy from eight nonprofit, government-sanctioned clinics and marijuana cultivation centers.

Maine’s medical marijuana law was amended again in 2011, eliminating the need for patients to register with the state, and again in 2013, adding post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammatory bowel disease and other illnesses to the list of conditions for which a physician may prescribe medical marijuana.

Do you live in Maine? If so, do you consume dabs? If so, do you prefer it to flower? Why or why not? If you are not familiar with dabs, check out an article I wrote titled ‘What Are Dabs?


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