July 31, 2013

DEA Raids Another Michigan Dispensary, Wasting More Tax Dollars

July 31, 2013
stop dea raids medical marijuana michigan

stop dea raids medical marijuana michiganEarly yesterday morning The Shop, a medical marijuana distribution facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan was raided by the Drug Enforcement Agency with help from city police officers.

The raid was unannounced and no official statement has been issued by the Ypsilanti Police Department.

One individual involved with the raid was wearing a shirt with DEA emblazoned on it.

At least one car was towed away from the scene. Speculation about other warrants for the residences and businesses associated with ownership of The Station has been expressed in the community.

The Ypsilanti Police initially said they knew nothing about the raid. When pressed, Ypsilanti Police Sgt. Yuchasz confirmed, “Ypsilanti police assisted the DEA in an investigation this morning.” He could not confirm arrests or seizures, referring all questions to the DEA Field Office in Detroit.

Special Agent Rich Isaacson confirmed that the DEA did execute a search warrant at 513 W. Cross Street in Ypsilanti. He stated that agents served a “state warrant” on that address but would provide no additional information. Isaacson said they typically have no comment for media on ongoing investigations.

The raid comes on the heels of newspaper stories of the potential for a petition drive to either secure the status of the city’s 6 distribution centers or to decriminalize marijuana in Ypsilanti, perhaps as early as 2013 but more likely as late as 2014.  Current city rules restrict distribution centers, or dispensaries, based on zoning requirements determined by city officials after extensive deliberations in 2011; some residents and Council members have suggested discarding the zoning-based restrictions and  institution an artificial cap on both licensed marijuana gardens and distribution centers in the city.

Ypsilanti City Council recently voted down an emergency moratorium capping the number of marijuana distribution centers at six, but has passed an ordinance accomplishing the same effect through on a first reading. That ordinance is due for a second reading in early August, where it faces final approval.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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