Doctors Should Determine Medical Marijuana Eligibility, Not Politicians


Per the Florida medical marijuana campaign, United for Care:

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Florida AG Pam Bondi doesn't think doctors should decide what a "debilitating disease" is. Then who should?

In her filing to the state Supreme Court, Bondi actually complains that it will be a physician that will make the determination that someone has a debilitating condition.  She also seems to believe that the state - not your doctor - should define what diseases or conditions are debilitating, and what are not.

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

It seems pretty clear that physicians are more qualified than politicians to make these determinations as to whether the benefits of medical marijuana outweigh the risks to the patient. If the determination didn't involve medical marijuana, would there be any question about this?

Regardless of what out of touch, Tallahassee politicians think, state law must change - but it won't happen without your continued support.

We are working towards what 20 other states an DC have done.  This campaign is about delivering compassionate care, and giving our doctors the right to consider what more and more studies show actually helps people.

We must have doctors, and not politicians, determine our medical care options.

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