September 20, 2012

Donate To Americans For Safe Access And Win A Tip To DC!

September 20, 2012
Americans For Safe Access press conference detroit michigan

Americans For Safe AccessDonate And Get A Bond Copy Of The Historic Legal Brief Signed By ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford

By Steph Sherer, Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) held a drawing last month for a free trip to Washington, DC, for ASA’s historic day in court on October 16th. An ASA member from Forks of Salmon, CA, won the drawing and will be joining me for the oral arguments and as my special guest at ASA’s ten-year anniversary celebration that evening. The drawing was so popular that we are doing it again – with a couple of twists.

Any size donation will put you in the new drawing for a free trip; but if you purchase a ticket to ASA’s anniversary dinner, you will be entered twice! We are also going to send anyone donating $50 or more a bond copy of the legal brief signed by ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford. You have just 96 hours to enter, so don’t wait!

The hearing on our rescheduling lawsuit, ten years in the making, gives us a rare chance to steer the national dialogue about medical cannabis back to the core of this issue. We will have a national media spotlight to talk about cannabis as medicine, science, research, and patients’ needs. These are important topics, often obscured by the usual criminal justice debate.

We know that when we talk about medical cannabis in terms of science and medicine, people listen. Barriers come down. Politicians find a safe place to stand for sensible policies. As the nation’s largest organization working exclusively on medical cannabis, ASA is uniquely positioned to change the national conversation.

The hearing will be a big win in the courts, but it can be an even bigger win in the court of public opinion. Great media stories don’t just happen. We need to seize this opportunity to get editorial boards and the health sections of newspapers to weigh in.

As we all know public discourse influences the courts in this country. Imagine the impact we could have over the next twenty-five days if ASA could hire more media support. Imagine the press coverage the hearing will get if we fill the media with stories about rescheduling and fly the plaintiffs to the hearing. We need your help to do it. We need more proactive media, more grassroots organizing, more capacity to tell our story. In short, we need the resources to make it happen.

Can you help ASA make the most of this historic hearing by making a special donation of $35, $50, $100, or more today?

Your support now means we can ramp up our work right away. And if you donate within the next four days, you may win a free flight to Washington, DC, to hear the oral arguments and to be our guest at a very special anniversary dinner on the evening of October 16.

We won’t get an opportunity like this again for a long time. Help us make the most of the time leading up to the hearing on October 16, and you may win a chance to be a part of it.


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