Dr. William Courtney And The "The Raw Truth" Medical Marijuana Seminar

dr william courtney raw truth medical marijuana seminar michigan

Dr. William L. Courtney, M.D., Gives A Seminar About Medical Cannabis

By Rick Thompson

The Genesys Regional Medical Center was alive with the energy of raw cannabis as Dr. William L. Courtney, M.D., spoke to a packed house on Friday, October 12. His lecture and presentation was part of an evening of education called "The Raw Truth: Smoke free, Buzz free Medical Marijuana Seminar". Dr. Courtney shared the stage with speakers Ken Beyer from Michigan Testing Authority and the Mx Process, Nick Panessidi from Michigan Wellness Center, and Rep. Michael Callton, R-Nashville. I was honored to be Emcee for the evening.

Dr. Courtney opened the eyes of the attendees to a new world of intracellular reactions caused by the cannabis plant's chemical composition. He explained that the receptors for certain chemicals have recently been shown to exist inside the cell, not just on the cell membrane, and therefore have far more positive effects than previously believed. His presentation contained illustrations and digrams of a highly scientific nature.

The Seminar was notable for several other reasons: samples of non-psychotropic products made with cannabis, or marijuana, were available for attendees to see, touch and try. Also available: raw cannabis juice, the subject of the Seminar's main focus. The Seminar, the information, the samples all were offered free to the public.

Attendees participated in a scientific experiment of sorts. Participants were given a standard blood pressure test before being given the raw cannabis juice to sample. They were later retested. The result: after juicing, blood pressure went down an average of 10 points. Some people reported a greater drop, and others reported an absence of anxiety and a reduced pulse rate. This survey is certainly not science, but it is indicative of the results seen by Dr. Courtney.

Congratulations go out to Michigan Wellness Center, Midwest Multi Media Management, Mx Process and the MedJoint for their efforts in arranging the venue, the speaker, the guests and the recording. Well done!

dr william courtney raw truth medical marijuana seminar michigan

Rick Thompson is on 2 radio shows and writes for several MM publications in Michigan