May 24, 2013

Ex-Rabbi Opens One Of The First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In D.C.

May 24, 2013
washington dc medical marijuana dispensary

washington dc medical marijuana dispensary rabbiBy Barry Blunt

The myth of the “Hip Rabbi” just became a reality: Washington, D.C. based  former Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn has transferred his faith in the Torah to the Ganja. Kahn, a rabbi for over 30 years, recently opened the Takoma Wellness Center, one of the first dispensaries in Washington, D.C. ‘

While not he’s not quite your stereotypical Jewish, Shofar-bong toking stoner, Kahn had a revelation in 2010 and decided that rather than simply counsel and advise struggling people, he wanted to provide them with viable cures for their serious ailments.

While many Rabbis talk the talk (and preach their hipness), Kahn walks the walk. A first hand witness of cannabis’ magical and spiritual powers, Kahn clearly  knows-from personal experience- the positive impact that Yahweh’s plant possesses.

Kahn retired from his duties as a rabbi in 2007, but is still active at local synagogues. He says he’s honoring his father-in-law by opening the medical marijuana dispensary with his wife, Stephanie. Stephanie Kahn says medical marijuana helped her father when he was suffering from multiple sclerosis in the ’70s.

“Morality is not part of the issue,” Kahn said. “And what we’re dealing with here is getting sick people medicine. We’re talking about easing suffering.”

While, most Rabbis retire for the country club life-Khan’s bringing the Kosher Kush to D.C.  Jokes aside, it’s a significant sighting on many levels, both for the Jewish community and for real patients. In many Medical Marijuana states, dispensary owners are sometimes labelled as drug dealers, thugs, and and looked down upon by many citizens. When a man like Kahn-who’s had a real, viable impact on his society enters the spotlight, it can and should totally transform national perception of the industry. The nation’s Medical Marijuana movement goes far deeper than drug cartels and recreational smokers, and Kahn’s revelation is emblematic of this truth.

Furthermore-and it’s unlikely Kahn has this in mind-it’s a savvy business move! What Jew wouldn’t want to head over to their former rabbi’s for some of the Burning Bush on a Sunday morning, then head over to the local delicatessen for some Bagels and Lox? And maybe snag a Kush-laden slice of Babka cake.

Plus, the branding opportunities within the Tacoma Wellness Center are immense. Strains like Moses OG, Yahweh’s Fire and Technicolored Kush and Cain Kush and so forth need to be created. Hemp Torahs need to be sold. Marijuana leaf-yamukahs. Weed-Infused Latkes. Gifelta Fish With A Smattering of Hash Oil. Matzo with CannaButter. Maneschevitz with bud-tincture. Shofar’s shaped like buds. If it’s Kosher, toss Kush into it.

Jewish people (from experience) take care of their own, and odds are, suffering Jewish patients in D.C. will welcome this new kind of synagog with open arms and lungs. Because Rabbi Kahn is clearly the coolest guy to ever wear a Kippa.

Source: Marijuana.Com


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