Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Elvy Musikka Takes Action Against Abusive Oregon State Police


By Elvy Musikka

Elvy Musikka

My name is Elvy Musikka and I'm one of only 4 surviving federal medical marijuana patients.

On September 15, I was confronted and harassed by an Oregon State Police officer in Ontario, OR. The officer seized my medicine, interrogated me, and stated firmly he did not believe I was a medical marijuana patient despite me providing the proper paperwork.

I am one of the only surviving medical marijuana patients part of a federal program that supplies marijuana to patients. I am 70 years old, was born with congenital cataracts and as a child had several eye surgeries, eventually developing glaucoma in my thirties which led to blindness in one eye.

In 1988, I was placed into the Federal IND program. To this day I receive 300 medical marijuana cigarettes each month from the Federal Government.

Police gun drawn

The Oregon State Police did return my medicine, however, I want to make sure that an incident like incident like this does not happen again and want to help the Oregon State Police to better understand medical marijuana policy - which will help them do their jobs more effectively.

I understand that medical marijuana laws can be confusing and so I'm simply and politely asking that the Oregon State Police undergo training provided by Americans for Safe Access so that they understand both Federal and Oregon State marijuana policy to prevent an unfortunate incident like this from taking place again

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