October 24, 2013

Florida AG Submits Argument To Florida Supreme Court Opposing Medical Marijuana Amendment

October 24, 2013
Florida medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaA very important message from the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

Earlier today, Attorney General Pam Bondi submitted an argument to the Florida Supreme Court in opposition to the medical marijuana ballot amendment. It is not surprising that out of touch Tallahassee politicians like Pam Bondi continue to oppose compassionate health care policy in Florida. Just as politicians in the Florida Legislature refused to even give medical marijuana a hearing in the 2013 session, AG Bondi wants to deny Floridians the opportunity to even vote on this issue – despite numerous polls showing that an overwhelming majority of the state is supportive of the issue.

Help us fight for compassionate care in Florida and send a message to those that oppose it by making a contribution today, here.

We are confident that the language of our amendment meets all the requirements of the Florida Supreme Court’s review. We are also confident that when they are finally given an opportunity to vote on this issue, Floridians will – by a wide margin – bring safe, compassionate access to medical marijuana to the thousands of very ill residents of our state who are suffering every day without it.

That said – it is clear the forces against compassionate care are mounting – and that our fight to get on the ballot is going to be on multiple fronts.

Can you help us fight back? Please contribute here today if you can.


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